As a global player in Transport and Logistics, GEODIS adopts an organization that ensures strict compliance with international laws and regulations and supports customers in their endeavours on growth and management of regulatory constraints.

GEODIS signed the UN Global Compact in 2003. The GEODIS Ethics Charter and the GEODIS Ethics Committee (with top management representation), form the cornerstones of an ethics and compliance program that is coordinated by a dedicated Ethics & Compliance Department and fully integrated in the GEODIS management process.

GEODIS and the GEODIS workforce, are committed to an ambitious international development project, the fulfilment of which presupposes a strong assertion of ethical values and intangible ethical principles that must be reflected in all our decisions. 
I therefore felt it would be essential to mobilize the Executive Committee and the organization as a whole, on this conviction. Accordingly, we would implement a solid ethics and compliance program. Then in our mission of helping our customers succeed by overcoming their logistical constraints, a key factor in successful business practice, it appeared fundamental that we should be able to assure them that wherever GEODIS operates, worldwide, we do so in the strictest respect of international regulations.

Marie-Christine Lombard, Chief Executive Officer, GEODIS.

Marie-Christine Lombard

The GEODIS Ethics Committee, overseeing the Group's Ethics & Compliance culture

The GEODIS Ethics Committee, which comprises members of the Executive Board and the Management Board, is responsible for seeing that ethical principles permeate corporate culture and for asserting GEODIS commitment to sound, sustainable growth, to the benefit of all stakeholders.

It guides GEODIS operations on ethics and compliance issues and develops a program to promote effective buy-in all managers and employees.

GEODIS Ethics & Compliance organization

The Ethics & Compliance Department, which reports to the GEODIS Corporate Secretariat, guides decisions for the Ethics Committee and runs information and training programs to ensure the Ethics Charter is properly applied by GEODIS employees.

The Ethics & Compliance Department develops, implements and issues specific standards and procedures to ensure meticulous observance of the ethical rules set out in the Ethics Charter and of international regulations as regards to issues such as corruption, competition, export requirements and economic sanctions.

It interfaces on ethics and compliance matters with all stakeholders (GEODIS employees, clients, partners, suppliers, assessment organizations, regulation authorities, banks, etc.).  

The management of each function and each Line of Business communicates the Ethics Charter to their employees and ensures its recommendations are followed in each country in which GEODIS operates. The management oversees employees education and training on ethics and compliance and observance of applicable legislation.

GEODIS Ethics Charter 

GEODIS Ethics Charter is the kingpin of GEODIS ethics and compliance initiative, setting out principles to guide all GEODIS employees in their everyday work.

It expresses GEODIS' responsibility with regard to all stakeholders: society, business partners, shareholder, the organization and its employees.

A code of conduct derived from the Ethics Charter has been drawn up for GEODIS suppliers and subcontractors, clearly outlining the Group's expectations on ethics and compliance matters.

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