In an increasingly mobile world, the Aerospace industry faces both challenges and opportunities. Aircraft on the ground need parts and service support – both of which depend upon efficient transport and logistics. GEODIS has developed tailored solutions that meet these needs.

Supply chain challenges in the Aerospace market

Aerospace & defense - Challenge As an aerospace company, your needs in terms of logistics involves the transport and delivery of spare parts on a global basis. A reverse logistics chain is also required for unserviceable parts that have been removed from an aircraft and need repair or overhaul. GEODIS has developed solutions for both these key requirements, so that you can maximize the availability of your fleet.

GEODIS solutions for the Aerospace market

Aerospace & defense - Solution In today’s highly-competitive Aerospace industry, the focus is on achieving the maximum efficiency possible throughout an aircraft’s life cycle. GEODIS is committed to helping you achieve that target with a range of logistics solutions that are tailored to your business needs.

GEODIS value-added services for the Aerospace market

Aerospace & defense - value added With dedicated and highly experienced aerospace staff within our organization, GEODIS are able to provide you with a partner who knows the industry challenges and our customers need.

GEODIS showcase

Aerospace & defense - showcase Discover our value-added solutions to ensure optimal management of your supply chain.



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