With its expanding distribution networks, complex supply chains and intense competition, the Automotive sector is one of the most challenging in today’s global economy. In addition, your business needs to combine productivity with sustainability. There is a continuous need to increase efficiency, while also reducing your carbon footprint. To help you achieve those objectives in terms of transport and logistics, GEODIS has a comprehensive set of solutions and core services.

Supply chain challenges in the Automotive market

Automotive - challenge As a company in the Automotive sector, you face a number of business challenges. There is continuous market pressure on costs, fluctuations in demand and the need to meet a variety of safety, quality and sustainability standards. Your supply chain and internal production facilities need to perform at the very highest level, whilst cash flow has to remain positive. Each of these areas involves dealing with a separate set of issues.

GEODIS solutions for the Automotive market

Automotive - solution GEODIS helps automotive manufacturers and suppliers to optimize their supply chains from end to end. Whether it involves working with Tier N suppliers or supporting production line processes, delivering parts to your distribution network or transporting finished vehicles, our logistics experts can provide you with a reliable, efficient solution.

GEODIS value-added services for the Automotive market

Automotive - value added As a world leader in its field, GEODIS is one of the few operators able to provide transport and logistics solutions for the Automotive industry that are truly integrated. From the delivery of parts to assembly lines, right through to the post-sales distribution of spare parts, GEODIS provides a variety of core services.

GEODIS showcase

Automotive - showcase Discover our value-added solutions to ensure optimal management of your supply chain.



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