Supply chain challenges in the Automotive market

As a company in the Automotive sector, you face a number of business challenges. There is continuous market pressure on costs, fluctuations in demand and the need to meet a variety of safety, quality and sustainability standards. Your supply chain and internal production facilities need to perform at the very highest level, whilst cash flow has to remain positive. Each of these areas involves dealing with a separate set of issues.

Keeping control of an international supply chain

Whether you are an automotive manufacturer, a supplier or a distributor, you are sourcing a wide range of products on a global scale. At the same time, for production lines and supply chains alike, there is a relentless move towards Just-In-Time operations in order to contain costs. In a situation like this, visibility and forward planning are the key to a reliable supply chain.

Establishing a solid presence in the world’s growth markets

Growing the business, tracking the geographic expansion of your customers or adding new facilities in a different region or country to your headquarters: all of these need careful planning. To succeed, you need a partner who fully understands your business processes and can deploy them in a new location. Clearly, this needs to be done safely and in accordance with local standards and conditions.

Guaranteeing a flexible and reliable logistics chain

Flexibility is essential when it comes to adapting to changes in demand or responding to your competitors. Your logistics partner has to be equally flexible, wherever in the world you may be operating and whatever the conditions. Above all, your partner has to be absolutely reliable.

Supporting the industry on quality, environment and ethics

Your industry has a multitude of quality standards and regulations that make you responsible for the safety, environmental and ethical impacts of your business. You need a logistics partner who understands the quality demands of your industry and has a recognized track record in providing solutions that meet those demands. Your partner also needs to have the internal controls necessary to ensure compliance at an international level.

Being proactive in supply chain optimization

To remain competitive in the Automotive industry, there has to be a process of continuous improvement in the way your business is organized. With logistics being a major driver of increased efficiency, your provider needs to share that goal and be fully committed to achieving it. To deliver on that, your provider should be a ready source of ideas for improving the performance of your supply chain, either in financial or technical terms.



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