GEODIS value-added services for the Automotive market

As a world leader in its field, GEODIS is one of the few operators able to provide transport and logistics solutions for the Automotive industry that are truly integrated. From the delivery of parts to assembly lines, right through to the post-sales distribution of spare parts, GEODIS provides a variety of core services.

Quality management that is certified to international standards

Quality is the starting point for GEODIS’ solutions for the Automotive industry. That commitment is reflected in our certification to ISO 9001 V.2008, ISO 14001 or ISO/TS 16949 standards, along with best practices that are specific to the Automotive industry, such as FMEA analysis. This independent recognition of our quality strategy is backed by our continuous improvement programs, which draw on techniques and tools such as 8D, 5S, PDCA and Six Sigma. In terms of technology, our IT systems are highly-secure, use ODETTE standards and operate 24/7/365.

Expertise in after-sales logistics and transportation

As a specialist in logistics for the Automotive industry, GEODIS is able to provide you with tailored solutions for the storage and distribution of spare parts, delivering them from production plants to distribution outlets. We can optimize your storage/distribution centre by helping with the preparation of orders, packing and the monitoring of stock levels. GEODIS will also devise a highly efficient delivery schedule and deal with any emergency requirements.

Supporting the automotive production line

GEODIS is able to base operations near your production line or in situ. As a result, we are able to deliver parts and sub-assemblies from Tier 1 right to the production line itself. Stock control, quality control and the synchronizing of multiple deliveries to support both Just-in-Time and Just-in-Sequence manufacturing are all part of GEODIS’ services. Operational performance is continuously monitored and our own Warehouse Management System is also deployed.

Managing industrial projects

The global Automotive industry is increasingly being driven by the need to compress product life cycles and to renew or update model ranges ever more frequently. There is also competitive pressure on costs. As a result of these trends, there is a growing requirement to move industrial infrastructure from one location to another. With a network of 400 specialist staff around the world, GEODIS can meet your needs for heavy lift and oversized transportation of plant and equipment.

Supply chain management with Control Tower

Your reliance on an efficient supply chain means there is a constant need for shipment visibility. GEODIS meets that need for end-to-end information, from ordering to invoicing, with a single platform – Control Tower. Along with shipment visibility, alert management and supply chain scheduling, it also provides data repositories to support shipment planning and sourcing. Our teams can use Control Tower to optimize your supply chain by anticipating the requirements.

Customs clearance solutions

As a certified operator in the field (OEA certification), GEODIS is able to handle all of your customs clearance operations – whether air, sea or trans-border – in cooperation with the relevant customs authorities. Our specialized team has both the expertise and experience to make sure your supply chain is kept moving, smoothly and efficiently.

Multi-modal solutions

The breadth of GEODIS’ global network means we can design a multi-modal solution that brings together any combination of air, sea, rail and road connections in a single cost-effective package. That design will also factor in the need to reduce the carbon footprint of your logistics.




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