Supply chain challenges in the Industrial market

Transport and Logistics play a decisive role in the competitiveness of industrial businesses. Present in 120 countries, GEODIS has all the required resources to meet your needs.

Transport of manufactured goods: solutions commensurate with your needs

A longstanding partner of global industrial companies, GEODIS has an extensive expertise in the sector’s designing and implementing solutions for each specific customer needs overcoming logistics constraints.

Real-time traceability of your supply chain

The growing number of supply sources combined with the need for just-in-time inventory management have significantly increased the need of a robust traceability. Most Industrial companies crucially need to locate their goods in a “real-time” mode. All relevant pieces of information such as purchase orders, part numbers, supplier and/or customer references – must be traceable in a secure environment

Handling highly sensitive goods 

The Industrial market features a number of specific characteristics both in terms of the nature of the commodity (liquid chemicals, gas, nuclear materials) and their volume (raw materials, industrial equipment, spare parts and finished products). Industrial companies expect transport and logistics partners to have the relevant abilities to carry their products. This is particularly true according to the handling of extraordinary flows in some specific countries.

The choice of your Logistics Service Provider hinges more than ever on its expertise to deliver strong solutions to overcome your logistics constraints.

Delivering operational excellence

Relying on impeccable execution, Industrial companies are looking to great professionalism and responsiveness from their Logistics partners. The smooth functioning of your business relies on experienced teams able to provide “best in class” services in a complex environment.

To deliver operational excellence, logistics providers need robust processes optimizing overall supply chain performance resulting in increasing productivity, quality standards as well as delivering cost reduction.

Offering high standard services compliant regulations

Subject to high standard services companies are particularly attentive and require logistics providers to demonstrate full compliance and transparency in their operating mode. Their reputation and success rely on delivering high standards services compliant to regulations.



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