Supply chain challenges in the FMCG market

Consumer goods suppliers have to manage large volumes and fast rotation rates with distributors, so they demand a transport and logistics chain capable of constant agility. GEODIS offers expert, personalized support to help players in the FMCG sector meet their growth objectives.

Ensure permanent on-shelf product availability

You need access to accurate information on product flows at all times during product transfer from production plant to warehouse, or to the end customer. Reliability of tracking and alert information is crucially important to uninterrupted goods supply, enabling you to anticipate and implement backup solutions whenever needed. GEODIS meets your demanding needs here by offering high-performance information systems and real time supply-chain traceability utilities.

Optimize costs and investments

Optimization of costs and investments is a matter of priority and has to be factored in along with your production needs. So you expect your logistics partner to provide advice and strategic intelligence on the organization of your transport plans and industrial processes at logistics sites. You can count on the experience of GEODIS to help you optimize your investments and achieve continuous improvement.

Anticipate and organize during peak periods 

To anticipate seasonal peaks and achieve year-round operational excellence, especially during promotional offer periods, you need total adaptability. For many years now, GEODIS has been addressing this challenge on a daily basis, through optimum management of human resources.

Accommodate environmental and social concerns

Transport plans are designed to allow for environmental impact and maximum attention is given to personnel safety throughout all operations. GEODIS implements a panoply of measures and initiatives on environment and safety issues, mobilizing its personnel to ensure due consideration for sustainable development throughout the supply chain and full compliance with applicable standards and regulations.



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