Customs services

You wish to be released from the customs procedures for your business and international or intra-Community trade. GEODIS has Approved Economic Operator (AEO) status and offers a full range of services covering export and import formalities. We handle formalities such as customs clearance, import authorizations, VAT and Intrastat declarations worldwide.

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Our customs specialists hold in-depth understanding of local conditions and regulations. They provide valuable support along your supply chain, helping you tackle the increasingly complex regulatory, security and quality challenges that arise from today's growth in world trade.

GEODIS experts are specialized in:

  • customs procedures
  • watch on regulatory changes
  • support on geostrategic development and technical developments in local, national and international environments

A full range of services

We apprehend customs mechanisms to manage monitoring and compliance of your products and to fluidify your operations.

Customs service

  • Full management of daily operations
  • All import and export flows and intra-European declarations
  • Simplified customs procedures
  • Bonded warehouse
  • Reduction in customs duties and taxes
  • Support on international trade matters

Customs IT solutions

  • Customer or GEODIS customs IT solution
  • Customs operating system (DMS, Duty Management System) and interface with customs administration and customers
  • Traceability

Security and quality management

  • Compliance program: SAFE, AEO, C-TPAT, etc.
  • Customs indicators, for enhanced visibility
  • Process and documentation quality
  • Customer reviews
  • Export customs network: tracking of regulations

GEODIS support on customs operations worldwide helps you to secure your international supply chain:

  • Compliance, for risk reduction, improved quality: customs indicators, reporting, customer performance reviews
  • Visibility on customs flows – round-the-clock information availability: GEODIS network, visibility on performance, e-service, IT solution
  • Centralized management, single control point: management support, coordination of implementation, fewer brokers
  • Control Tower solution: global customs organization with its own management system and IT
  • Reduced supply chain costs and optimized delivery times: visibility on duties and taxes, customs optimization, GEODIS/customer IT interfaces
  • Control over regulatory changes: flexibility, permanent advice, tracking of customs regulations
  • Focus on your core business: GEODIS experts at your service
  • Tailored customs solutions: harmonized, optimized customs solutions for your supply chain



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