Distribution & cross docking

Delivering your goods from door-to-door on time from one continent to another is one thing. It's quite another to use this transit time to release your company's tied-up capital. Our Distribution & Cross-docking services allow you to increase your warehouse turnover rate, simplify administration and turn fixed overheads into floating costs.

Distribution & cross-docking

Distribution & cross docking

GEODIS is able to combine volumes from different origins and consolidate them into one final delivery to the consignee. This means you can reduce storage costs, improve transport economy by consolidating into one 'large' shipment and reduce inventory costs by streamlining the flow from the supplier. We can also deconsolidate large shipments for distribution to multiple consignees.

Warehouse & storage

In your line of business you may experience seasonal changes and temporary overflows. In such instances we can offer you flexible storage solutions for which you do not have to make any capital investments. Instead, you share our resources and reduce supply chain costs. By utilizing our warehousing solutions, you can turn fixed costs into floating costs.

Pickup & labeling

While we are managing the flow of cargo we can pack and label products to prepare them for direct store deliveries. We can also re-pack and label to adapt to local market situations. Once the products reach your warehouse, you can get them straight onto the shelves.  

(un) loading containers

GEODIS is a specialist in container load optimization, the art of utilizing the full capacity of a container to achieve the best possible transport economy. We offer container loading/unloading inspections to monitor quality of operations and apply container load principles to improve efficiency when unloading and bringing into stock.

Control tower

The highest level of dedication to your supply chain: one team to ensure complete operational, tactical and strategic control. With this centralized set-up GEODIS forms one point of entry to all logistics activities around your products.
  • One point of entry for all services performed by your logistics supplier
  • Fully dedicated team
  • Centralized accountability and responsibility for all operational activities between GEODIS and the client
  • Centralized coordination of all supply chain partners
  • Effective performance and quality management
  • Higher level of visibility across the supply chain
  • IT system integration
  • Event management
  • Reduction of admin and auditing costs

Buyer’s consolidation

If your production chain is complex and you are sourcing goods from several suppliers and locations, our buyer’s consolidation and vendor management capabilities will simplify your business life.
Let us coordinate your vendor network and bundle up smaller shipments into one container at the port of loading. A smart solution leveraging economies of scale while reducing complexity at your end – this service will create a real "expect more" experience for you:
  • Streamlined customs clearance
  • Harmonized purchasing process
  • Reduced freight cost
  • Improve the environmental safety compliance
  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Reduced delivery charges at destination
  • For an even higher level of integration and effectiveness: let GEODIS also manage the first & final mile of your supply chain with our pick-up at and delivery services

Reverse logistics

At the end of your product’s life cycle or when performing repairs for parts and components, you need a reliable partner to return the goods back through your supply chain efficiently and cost-effectively. Whether it’s refurbishing, replacing, recycling or repairing, we’ve got the technology to provide you with the visibility and the global coverage to collect your goods throughout the world.  
  • EU WEEE Compliance 
  • Recycling and Documentation 
  • Automotive Aftermarket Services 
  • Hotel and Resort FF&E and OS&E Refurbishment 
  • Warranty and Legal Returns and Recalls 
  • GEODIS Blue Service 
  • Carbon Calculator 
  • Single Point of Entry




IRIS is our single platform for shipment bookings, milestone reports, invoice management, track & trace and notifications.


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