Supply chain challenges in the Fashion & Lifestyle market

Transport and logistics are decisive factors in improving profitability in the fashion and lifestyle sector. GEODIS handles multi-sourcing, tight time-to-market schedules, customs operations and other logistics challenges, fielding all the resources you need to meet your growth goals.

Management of international multiple-supplier flows

To tackle the very considerable constraints of sourcing diversity, fashion and lifestyle vendors need a reliable partner capable of managing a network of providers that has to change shape and scope seasonally. Because transparency is a prerequisite for successful performance here, GEODIS enables you to track goods flows in real time, anywhere in the world. And we can even handle quality control on departure from the manufacturing sites.

Faster collection renewal rates

The fashion sector depends on a strong logistics chain capable of handling large volumes with wide seasonal variations. You need a responsive, flexible partner to get each new release to your outlets, in highly variable quantities. As a “fast fashion” transport specialist, GEODIS offers specific solutions to ensure you keep pace with ever-shorter time-to-market cycles.

Control over supply chain costs

Because control over transport and logistics costs, in the same way as disciplined marketing expenses, is of crucial importance for your growth capability, all GEODIS solutions integrate effective cost reduction solutions.


To maintain your brand image, you need a reliable and responsible transport and logistics provider. GEODIS is a highly reputed operator in this field and capable of ensuring optimum delivery to the end customer via any distribution channel.

Control over administrative & customs flows

Increasingly complex regulations inevitably impact your supply chain operations. GEODIS provides expertise to help you with your customs and administrative operations, worldwide.

Optimized environmental footprint

Whether at your initiative or in response to regulatory requirements, efforts to shrink your business's environmental impact call for specialist skills. GEODIS measures your carbon footprint and offers lower-pollution solutions such as combined transport modes.



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