GEODIS value-added services for the Fashion & Lifestyle market

Because GEODIS holds a very detailed understanding of the transport and logistics problems faced by fashion and lifestyle vendors, our experts can design customized solutions that meet all your strategic challenges.

Specialist teams in Control Tower 

GEODIS teams manage all aspects of suppliers' flows from the Control Tower facility: separate flow consolidation, contingency plan management, bookings with air and sea carriers, customs procedures and quality control. 

Processing of garments-on-hanger flows 

To handle garments on hanger (GOH) GEODIS uses special equipment such as GOH packaging boxes; these are specially designed for the textile industry to ensure optimum air transport conditions for this kind of product.

Personalized orders and packaging 

To help customers save time in their store-side product reception cycles, GEODIS offers a full range of services:
  • Labeling to customer specified conditions and formats;
  •  Price labelling;
  •  Unpacking and ready for shelf product handover ;
  •  Ironing for clothes on hanger;
  •  Covers on hanger or flat and repackaging;
Instead of requiring your sales people to handle time-consuming logistics operations, you can call in GEODIS to do this directly at your outlets. For example, GEODIS teams can unpack delivered products before the store opens, so that your sales force can concentrate on attending to your customers.

Store opening logistics 

If you're planning on opening a new outlet, GEODIS can harness its thorough familiarity with store opening logistics, offering reliability and rigorous compliance with schedules to ensure trouble-free fulfillment of your business growth projects. GEODIS teams liaise with subcontractors to handle coordination of all services needed, including delivery scheduling, interaction with all trades and administrative formalities to obtain the necessary authorizations.
We can also arrange for temporary storage and transport of items needed for fitting out the store (furniture, computer and video systems, accessories, display units, shelving).

Management of customs operations

To tackle the major administrative constraints entailed by international multi-sourcing, GEODIS has developed expert customs management centers in each country covered by your business operations. Our teams coordinate operations and manage information on customs (positions, database, etc.) and taxation matters, providing advice on optimizing your supply flows.

e-business and multi-channels logistics

Because e-commerce is a major growth challenge in fashion and lifestyle sectors, GEODIS designs e-commerce logistics and transport solutions for pure players and multichannel operators.
GEODIS offers customized solutions adapted to your needs: storage, quality control, order preparation, quay-side operations, order personalization (special packaging, gift packaging, removal of price labels, products packaging in silk paper, reconditioning, protective packaging, etc.). At the end of the chain, GEODIS can take charge of all types of delivery, via any distribution network: sales outlet, customer pick-up point and on demand home delivery. 

Returns logistics

GEODIS teams can handle management of returns, an important factor in the fashion sector:

  • reliable aftersales service, consistent with your image;
  • quality control;
  • price labeling and relabeling;
  • product repackaging;
  • product seam adjustments;
  • special operations.

Quality control

Quality control is an integral part of our business. We liaise with customers to take charge of visual inspection and quantity checks, to their specifications, at various points in the supply chain:
  • checks on initial outgoing dispatch platforms, at dedicated stations (for instance in China and Vietnam);
  • checks on product reception at port or airport;
  • checks on platform prior to delivery to store;
  • checks on delivery with drivers trained on customer specifications.

Carbon footprint reduction

GEODIS teams offer solutions for reducing their customers' carbon footprint: intermodal transport, journey distance reduction, low pollution transport modes (rail-road, waterway barges, etc.)

In urban areas GEODIS uses various transport methods to minimize noise nuisance and adapt to traffic constraints:

  • electric 3.5 ton vehicles for in-town deliveries;
  • electric tricycles;
  • no noise electric pallet trucks taking loads up to 500 kg;
  • systematic use of delivery round optimization systems, for minimizing journey distance.



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