GEODIS solutions for the Fashion & Lifestyle market

GEODIS offers a full range of solutions for transport and logistics in the Fashion & Lifestyle sector. We support our fashion & lifestyle customers through every step of their supply chain. To offer top-quality service, our solutions cover transport, logistics platforms and material flow management.

Supply Chain Optimization

GEODIS offers advanced technology solutions for managing your supply chain. Our Vendors' Management program brings full control over multi-sourcing constraints, with Track & Trace functionality for real-time dispatch monitoring.
To reduce customers' costs, we offer ‘mutualized’ resources, grouping supply flows at multi-client consolidation centers.

Freight Forwarding

While concentrated largely in Asia, textile sourcing can be spread across different countries. To handle carriage of your goods worldwide, GEODIS teams arrange sea, air or combined transport. GEODIS teams are there to take reception of goods and handle quay-side inspections.
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Contract Logistics

GEODIS takes specific measures to match the specific characteristics of your business:

  • Conveyors for automatic product sorting for highly reliable in-store preparation;
  • Management of goods on hanger (GOH) in warehouse by automated conveyors or on special racks;
  • Distribution by carriers equipped with hanger rails for products requiring this GOH;
  • Special security measures for sensitive goods: site access control with security gate and permanent CCTV monitoring.

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Distribution & Express

Because permanent on-shelf availability is a crucial demand in the fashion and lifestyle sector, GEODIS provides specialist solutions for minimizing store delivery lead times. With our close-mesh distribution networks we can ensure store replenishment deliveries several times per day.
To meet increasingly tight urban distribution constraints, GEODIS uses a variety of quiet, environmentally friendly, special purpose vehicles: electric trucks, light trucks, gas-fueled trucks, tricycles, etc.

Road Transport

GEODIS meets all your road and multimodal transport needs. Our combined solutions, specially designed for the fashion and lifestyle sector, bring significant reductions in cost and environmental impact.




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