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Our approach to win customers' trust

our approach GEODIS is a Lead Logistics Provider who manages its customers’ supply chain by providing end-to-end solutions enabled by its infrastructure, its people, processes and systems. Our mission, vision and values reflect who we are as an organization, our approach and what we bring to the partnership with our customers. Here is our approach to win customer’s trust: understanding your needs, designing the best solutions, executing them consistently across the world, measuring operational performance and identifying areas for continuous improvement.

We are where you are

Geodis presence in the world GEODIS is well positioned to service its customers across the world and will continue to invest in countries where its customers need it to be. Our team’s collective experience, dedication to helping our customers succeed and a battlefield mentality towards getting the job done differentiate us from the competition.

What we have to offer

Our approach to understanding our customers’ needs, designing the best solutions that help our customers overcome their logistical constraints and executing consistently across the world sums up the GEODIS total value proposition. We are a long-term sustainable growth partner for our customers.

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Press releases

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October, 12 2018

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