GEODIS value-added services for the Healthcare market

As a leader in Healthcare logistics, companies depend on GEODIS to provide solutions to some of the most complex and compliant supply chains. Adherence to regulations and requirements are part of day-to-day operations. Couple this with enhanced capabilities to support shipping into retailers, inspecting and disposing of returned products, and maintaining full visibility through the entire supply chain and you can see why so many Healthcare Companies put their patient’s treatment in our hands. Our dedicated turnkey logistics solutions to fulfill all Healthcare Companies specific requirements represent a competitive advantage and a profit increase key success factor.

Control Tower

Healthcare supply chains are dependent upon visibility. With our technology companies gain the full visibility to inventory through the entire supply chain. This allows them to monitor and manage all or critical inbound and outbound products across all modes, whether SKU or shipment based. Our end-to-end secured network solutions with fully integrated IT solutions (standardized and qualified) and quality SOP help to bring added value to your supply chain.

Kitting (1), Labeling(2) and Repackaging

Outsourcing kitting operations can greatly reduce the costs associated with medical device inventory storage for instance. GEODIS offers customs pack building including overpack and labeling to allow medical device manufacturers to store fewer inventories and customize supply to hospitals. Through same day builds, customers can create more agile supply chains while removing the cost of hospital storage fees. Inspection and replenishments of returned kits creates a more sustainable supply chain and increases the product lifecycle.

Our process includes the over labeling and relabeling of products to allow companies to inventory one core product and then label individually as needed. In the US, our FDA registered WMS captures data to ensure products are properly labeled for initial shipment or repackaged and relabeled should they be returned or damaged.

Display Building

Whether you are an over the counter brand in need of counter displays, clipstrips, or end-cap displays, GEODIS can assemble these custom displays for shipments into retail stores across the world. We leverage supply contracts with vendors for scale and depend on our flexible labor model to allow for small or large display building activities. Whether you’re launching a new product, or promoting a sale for a consumer-favorite, GEODIS can handle your retail display needs.

Reverse Logistics

If you are looking to control the flow of product back into the warehouse, our reverse logistics solutions are for you. GEODIS provides full inspection of returned products and can ether dispose of or re-assign inventory based on a quality inspection along with the ability to handle recalls with full traceability. We can also enact quarantine controls to ensure recalled or damaged product does not become further distributed.

 (1) Preparation of component sets for assembly
(2) Specific product labeling



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