GEODIS value-added services for the Luxury Goods market

As a long-standing partner of major Luxury Goods firms, GEODIS understands the issues at stake and designs its transport and logistics solutions accordingly to accommodate all your strategic challenges.

Control Tower

The Luxury Goods industry needs transparent supply-chain management. To help customers track their dispatches, GEODIS offers its Control Tower service, which affords full traceability for your products along with efficient management of physical and administrative flows. In addition, our teams can also provide custom, dedicated engineering solutions.

Co-packing(1), kitting(2) and labeling(3)

If your product conditions vary from country-to-country (national standards, local promotional offers, etc.), GEODIS can provide packaging and labeling services to your specifications accordingly.

Customs formalities solutions

Because logistics operations for Luxury Goods are bound by tight scheduling constraints, it is important that customs procedures should run without a hitch. For smooth, rapid customs clearance, a permanent interface is needed with customs authorities in all countries concerned.
GEODIS provides support to help you coordinate all your customs operations. Special regulations apply to the Luxury Goods sector, meaning special certificates may be needed.

Store opening

On any store opening project, a special logistics organization is needed to coordinate the delivery of all the necessary products and materials to the site within the set schedule. Whatever the type of store, GEODIS can offer:

  • temporary storage and transport of items needed for fitting out the store (furniture, computer and video systems, accessories, display units, shelving, etc.);
  • liaison with subcontractors to handle coordination of all services needed (delivery scheduling, interfacing with all trades, administrative formalities to obtain the necessary authorizations, etc.).

Special services

To save you time, enhance your performance and ensure service excellence for you and your customers, GEODIS offers specially-tailored services such as:

  • management of garments on hanger (GOH), using special equipment and loading methods (trucks and systems with rails and chains);
  • special packaging for transport of garments on hanger (GOH), combining light weight and security;
  • rework on finished products: quality control, rework, repair, sleeving and order preparation prior to dispatch;
  • handling of raw materials: quality control, washing, ironing, labeling and returns management.


(1)Special packaging by lots, for special operations
(2)Preparation of component sets for assembly
(3)Specific product labeling



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