Hazardous materials transport

Recognized by chemical and gas firms for their expertise in security, GEODIS staff ships 3 335 000 tones of liquid and gas products across Europe every year.

Chemical conditioned or bulk transport

Hazardous materials transportGEODIS helps players in the chemical sector who need to be more competitive as their international supply chain is becoming increasingly complex. The Group helps you to meet the highest standards in both quality and security in your supply chain and to adapt continuously to new environmental regulations. 

Gas transport in bulk and bottles

As a major player in the gas sector, GEODIS enriches its customers’ logistics services while keeping security at the heart of its strategy. The Group’s customers’ brand is represented by GEODIS’ drivers, their punctuality, quality of information, etc. Their know-how sets them apart in the eyes of final customers.
GEODIS designs secure, bespoke solutions for shipping sensitive freight across Europe, through its:

  • teams of skilled, versatile drivers;
  • proven, audited security processes: SQAS, SEVESO 2 high level, APLICA (tank washing), etc.;
  • specific equipment  base;
  • European network dedicated to the gas and chemicals sector with ten specialist sites;
  • multimodal transport services;
  • central scheduling for chemicals;
  • added value services: onboard IT systems, re-engineering of vehicle fleets, flow management.

GEODIS strengths in the transport of chemicals and gas:

  • Trained, skilled drivers o/w 350 gas specialists;
  • Specific equipment;
  • A dedicated European network and ten dedicated sites;
  • Associated logistics;
  • Partial or full transport operations management;
  • Operational Key Account Managers with expertise in your sector;
  • A network of cleaning stations across Europe.
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