For Healthcare logistics, there is no room for error. A patient is in need of your shipment, so it needs to be timely and accurate, yet cost effective. Compliance and quality are crucial, yet regulations are continually changing and vary across each country. It takes a provider with experience. GEODIS is one of the largest healthcare logistics providers in the world, with infrastructure for temperature-managed warehousing and transport of sensitive products, with over 6M square meters of space and 350 distribution locations around the world, part of them with approved local registrations and certifications. Within the US, part of our 130 warehouse locations has FDA registrations include device and VAWD registration, and some contain cold chain facilities. Our European locations include facilities approved for handling the highest restricted pharmaceuticals, and our capabilities include full order to cash services. Our Asian teams have dozens of locations approved by the regulatory bodies for healthcare shipments, and our delivery services even include in-hospital set up of critical medical devices.

Supply chain challenges

Healthcare companies require a reliable partner to get their time-sensitive products to the right place with the utmost compliance as well as state-of-the-art quality and traceability conditions. GEODIS is committed to the strict regulatory compliance required in healthcare supply chains while serving as a flexible logistics provider for many of the leading healthcare providers.

GEODIS solutions for the Healthcare market

GEODIS offers a full range of solutions for transport and logistics in the Healthcare market, whether a pharmaceutical brand, over-the-counter manufacturer, medical device supplier, or health and wellness Company. We support our healthcare customers through every step of their supply chain and maintain a strict adherence to complex regulations. We provide top quality, end-to-end solutions to cover the entire supply chain, from manufacturing to patient delivery.

GEODIS value-added services for the Healthcare market

As a leader in Healthcare logistics, companies depend on GEODIS to provide solutions to some of the most complex and compliant supply chains. Adherence to regulations and requirements are part of day-to-day operations. Couple this with enhanced capabilities to support shipping into retailers, inspecting and disposing of returned products, and maintaining full visibility through the entire supply chain and you can see why so many Healthcare Companies put their patient’s treatment in our hands. Our dedicated turnkey logistics solutions to fulfill all Healthcare Companies specific requirements represent a competitive advantage and a profit increase key success factor.



October, 12 2018

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