The High-Tech sector is still expanding as new products and services reach the market. Over the next five years, around 60% of this growth will be driven by mobile computing, with shipments of smartphones and tablets continuing to rise on a global basis. GEODIS has developed a range of value-added services and solutions to meet the specific logistics needs of the High-Tech industry.

Supply chain challenges in the High-Tech sector

High Tech - Challenge End-to-end distribution, supply chain management and business partner relationships are all key logistics issues for High-Tech companies. There is also a need to reconcile the fact that falling hardware prices are putting pressure on costs, yet customer loyalty is influenced by the reliability and responsiveness of time-sensitive logistics. With its global reach and trusted expertise, GEODIS can help your company adapt to these rapidly-evolving trends in the High-Tech market.

GEODIS solutions for the High-Tech sector

High Tech - solution At the heart of our High-Tech offer is our experience in providing big High-Tech players with their comprehensive transport and logistics requirements across 120 countries. This includes inbound parts to manufacturing plants, VMI warehousing, manufacturing-site shipping operations, outbound finished goods, customs brokerage, after-market service parts and repair and end-of-life reverse operations. In addition to this, we design network optimization solutions for our clients to further integrate and optimize their end-to-end supply chains.

GEODIS value-added services for the High-Tech sector

High Tech - value added GEODIS offers the most extensive breadth of services globally in supporting the High-Tech market. Whether it is a requirement for inbound, outbound, warehousing, customs, service parts or reverse, GEODIS is already executing asset, non-asset and 4PL solutions for its High-Tech clients in 120 countries. GEODIS’ greatest value is the breadth of services and global capabilities. Through this coverage a relationship with GEODIS can significantly simplify your global supply chain and relationships. By combining these core competencies and supply chain solution expertise, GEODIS plays a significant role in transforming its High-Tech client’s supply chains. GEODIS has a proven track record of enhancing its High-Tech customer’s performance by securing, optimizing and expanding their business.

GEODIS showcase

High Tech - showcase Discover our value-added solutions to ensure optimal management of your supply chain.



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