Supply chain challenges in the High-Tech sector

End-to-end distribution, supply chain management and business partner relationships are all key logistics issues for High-Tech companies. There is also a need to reconcile the fact that falling hardware prices are putting pressure on costs, yet customer loyalty is influenced by the reliability and responsiveness of time-sensitive logistics. With its global reach and trusted expertise, GEODIS can help your company adapt to these rapidly-evolving trends in the High-Tech market.

Supporting e-commerce platforms

Business models in the High-Tech sector are increasingly moving from traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ retailing to web sales. GEODIS is able to help your company quickly migrate to e-commerce platforms thanks to its integrated order management process, which provides a complete service featuring warehousing, order fulfillment and delivery.

Optimizing assets in after-sales service

After-sales service is a critical, time-sensitive requirement for your industry. To avoid compromising cash management and customer service, your reverse logistics networks need to be efficient. GEODIS fully understands these issues and can optimize a customer’s assets by building a complete turnkey end-to-end solution for managing after-sales needs.

Simplifying supply chain networks

High-Tech manufacturers rely on a wide diversity of suppliers, each with its own individual supply chain. Inevitably, this brings challenges in logistics and supply chain management. GEODIS can reduce this complexity by integrating the logistics networks of your different business partners, resulting in better inventory positions and improved overall transit times.

Ensuring the security of goods

Security within the supply chain is a critical issue for any company – and a priority for GEODIS. We are fully committed to satisfying all legal and customer requirements and have established compliance programs for our internal organization and subcontractors. That compliance, which meets TAPA standards, applies to goods in-transit and within a facility.



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