GEODIS solutions for the High-Tech sector

At the heart of our High-Tech offer is our experience in providing big High-Tech players with their comprehensive transport and logistics requirements across 120 countries. This includes inbound parts to manufacturing plants, VMI warehousing, manufacturing-site shipping operations, outbound finished goods, customs brokerage, after-market service parts and repair and end-of-life reverse operations. In addition to this, we design network optimization solutions for our clients to further integrate and optimize their end-to-end supply chains.

Supply Chain Optimization

GEODIS Supply Chain Optimization initially focuses on identifying the unique opportunities your company has to transform your supply chain performance by reducing fixed and variable logistics costs, inventory holding, supply chain risk and working capital employed - while at the same time improving overall service. In turn, these operating savings mean that valuable resources can be diverted to your core business.

Companies in the High-Tech sector are looking for proactive shipment visibility, so they can manage logistics issues in real-time, whether in mature or fast-growing emerging markets. GEODIS meets these needs for end-to-end information with a single flow management platform. Along with the tactical benefits of shipment visibility, alert management and supply chain scheduling, this flow management solution provides the data repositories to support more strategic supply chain planning, sourcing and network optimization.  Along with its advanced decision-support applications, GEODIS provides you with a team of experts who are dedicated to improving your logistics and supply chain performance. 

Transport and logistics costs clearly play a major part in each High-Tech customer. Along with the longer term strategic value, GEODIS is also able to provide short-term cost benefits through its world-class procurement capability.  As a result, GEODIS is able to provide you with access to preferential rates and conditions – coupled with all the tools needed for supplier performance measurement and management.  Services for carrier freight payment and invoice validation are also available.

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Freight Forwarding

The one reality for all High-Tech customers is the globalization of their supply chains. From the primary sources in Asia to the optimal tax locations, the disparate complexity of the global customer base, GEODIS provides end-to-end logistics solutions for the High-Tech industry. Linking the continents by air and sea, GEODIS offers integrated freight solutions covering the physical moves, the network management and the information flows. GEODIS’ goal is to make our customers more competitive by providing high-quality freight services into a seamless integrated supply chain solution that enhances the supply chain transparency and reduces the costs by optimizing the cargo flows.

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Contract Logistics

GEODIS also executes one of the largest proprietary warehouse and transport footprints for the High-Tech industry throughout Europe. Logistics, warehouse and fulfillment assets are tailor-made for the High-Tech market covering services for receiving, VMI, assembly, customization, production line-side deliveries, inventory management, picking, staging, value-add services and shipping. The specific experience in the High-Tech sector allows for innovative capacity management and powerful information systems serving the customer’s development strategy.

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Distribution & Express

An important element of the High-Tech supply chain is the ability to provide flexible and reliable time-sensitive solutions for smaller shipment size deliveries with options, peripherals and replacement parts. GEODIS offers a differentiated service through its proprietary groupage network in Europe. This network provides a local service by utilizing an extensive network of depots, chartering, express deliveries, storage, removals, rentals and 12,000 employees focused on customer satisfaction at the individual address level.

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Road Transport

Transportation has always been a core part of the GEODIS solution managing services for full and part loads, dedicated and rental requests, direct flows, platform flows and specialized transport through specific assets.  For High-Tech clients, GEODIS’ freight management and road transport offers a wide range of asset type, cross-dock, routing alternative, transit time, fully secure, end-to-end and control tower solutions. GEODIS track and trace capabilities enables our High-Tech customers to monitor and measure operational performance at a tactical level and our control tower solutions provides the customer with the strategic information needed to plan and optimize the supply chain.

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