GEODIS value-added services for the High-Tech sector

GEODIS offers the most extensive breadth of services globally in supporting the High-Tech market. Whether it is a requirement for inbound, outbound, warehousing, customs, service parts or reverse, GEODIS is already executing asset, non-asset and 4PL solutions for its High-Tech clients in 120 countries. GEODIS’ greatest value is the breadth of services and global capabilities. Through this coverage a relationship with GEODIS can significantly simplify your global supply chain and relationships. By combining these core competencies and supply chain solution expertise, GEODIS plays a significant role in transforming its High-Tech client’s supply chains. GEODIS has a proven track record of enhancing its High-Tech customer’s performance by securing, optimizing and expanding their business.

End-to-end secured air freight solution

We design end-to-end secured air freight solution to our high tech customers. From the collection of your products in Asia to the final delivery to the end customers in Europe, GEODIS provides a wide range of transport services as well as flows management and customs clearance to foster your business.

The GEODIS integrated air solution is based on a fully secured set up both in Asia (Hong Kong, Chongchinq, and Shanghai) and in Europe (London, Milan, Amsterdam or Frankfurt) with TAPA certified hubs and dedicated road transport assets.

The GEODIS solution enables our High-Tech customers to monitor their shipments all along the supply chain process, track and also report the Key Performance Indicators.

Reverse logistics services

GEODIS delivers value along the supply chain by providing reverse logistics services, including technical services such as:

  • roll out
  • Assembly / Pre-assembly of parts
  • Pre-installation
  • Check of parts
  • Customization, configuration
  • Cleaning
  • Operating test
  • Packaging
  • Return and repair
  • Testing

The GEODIS global footprint enables our customer to deliver mid-life and end of reverse logistics solution:

  • SWAP services
  • Install / Desinstall
  • Return management (RMA)
  • Refurbishing
  • Remarketing
  • Reconfiguration
  • Dismantling
  • Recycling

Control Tower

GEODIS Control Towers drive satisfaction and optimization. Because supply chains are more and more complex, High-Tech customers need strong end-to-end supply chain visibility capabilities. GEODIS Control Tower proactively use supply chain data to provide enhanced visibility through process control for short and long term decision making that is aligned with strategic objectives.  By implementing flows management solution for High-Tech customers, GEODIS track and trace all type of transport services (air, sea, rail, road) in all geographies to perform scorecard metrics and capture value.

Advisory and network design

Reliability, flexibility and responsiveness drive High-Tech Supply Chain business model. Through Advisory and Network Design competencies, GEODIS work to optimize complex Supply Chain and improve efficiency.

GEODIS LEAN and reengineering teams bring valuable solutions, enable High-Tech customers to adjust their Supply Chain business model, reduce their costs and foster their business development. 

Scope of GEODIS solution design and Supply Chain consultancy:

  • Transport execution
  • Flows management
  • Control Tower
  • Warehousing services
  • Value Added services
  • Reverse logistics
  • Spare Parts Distribution

GEODIS High-Tech Advisory expertise help our customers to meet their compliance requirement, on a global scale, by defining full integrated logistics opportunities and continuous improvement program.

Top notch logistics solutions

GEODIS provides value-added services to High-Tech companies by implementing top notch logistics solutions:

  • Advertising material inside kits
  • Merchandising
  • Handsets substitutions
  • Customer tracking
  • Serial number tracking
  • Kitting
  • SIM cards packaging, linking ICCIC to telephone number
  • Software updating
  • Customization (removing or assembling components)
  • Preparation of packing order for networks: B2C, B2B and after sale service
  • Back flows management (refusal, failures…)



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