Inbound and on-site logistics

You wish to optimize your supply flows. GEODIS can assist you in doing that by establishing directly next to your sites or in situ, a solution that may also involve taking on some of your personnel. Our flexible and evolving services give you a clear vision of your inbound flows. Your components and raw materials are checked for compliance and your operations are made more reliable, thus ensuring high production capacities and optimizing your stocks and delivery times. In addition, our agile and rigorous teams continually strive to improve the quality of our services so as to boost your competitiveness.

Inbound logistics

Inbound logistics consists in maintaining regular, smooth flows from suppliers and/or subcontractors to your workshops, plants or supply chains. Outsourcing your logistics activities upstream from your production units allows you to optimize this strategic phase of your manufacturing chain.
GEODIS’ services provide you with a clear vision of your inbound flows, thus improving stock management, minimizing production delays, shortening delivery times and increasing service rates.
To deal effectively with the specific features of your industry, the GEODIS teams adapt to your organization by establishing us directly next to your sites or on-site. Our teams who have a constant focus on continuous improvement ,work with rigor, agility and flexibility to deliver top-quality services. By optimizing the costs, quality and delivery times of your production operations, GEODIS boosts your overall competitiveness.

A full range of services

Thanks to our know-how and services, the management of your raw materials and supplier flows will improve, thus ensuring that the components, parts and kits needed in your workshops or on your assembly lines are available when needed.
  • Inbound transportation
  • Customs operations
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Supply and storage of raw materials, components, semi-finished and finished products
  • Order picking
  • Pre-manufacturing
  • Pre-assembly, (re)-packaging, kitting
  • Material cutting, container management
  • Quality control: visual/tactile inspection, sorting, quality rework, parts counting
  • Monitoring of loading and shipping
  • Sequenced and just-in-time delivery
  • Supply, line-side delivery, kanban
  • Specific transport solutions: shuttle, intra-plant or inter-site distribution
  • Transport management
  • Returns management

A constant desire for operational excellence drives us to do everything possible to strengthen your competitive advantage.
GEODIS services enable you to:

  • stay focused on production
  • maintain smoother supply flows to your plants
  • streamline supplier management
  • optimize the availability of parts and components
  • ensure reliable stock volumes with dedicated IT systems
  • benefit from special shipping solutions

On-site logistics

Man at work
Subcontracting logistics services at your production sites or platforms allows you to focus on your core business. By calling on a logistics professional like GEODIS, which is able to work inside your organization and continually adapt to the changes in your business environment, you will improve the overall performance of your operations.
Our optimized flow management solutions and ability to deploy our teams, equipments, processes and tools provide all the flexibility needed for an efficient production chain.

A range of expert services

GEODIS deploys and manages teams specialized in industrial logistics on your sites to run all or part of your supply chain:

  • Reception
  • Stock management
  • Order picking
  • Pre-manufacturing
  • Pre-assembly, (re)- packaging, kitting
  • Material cutting, container management
  • Packaging, labelling
  • Quality control
  • Loading
  • Line-side feeding
  • Sequenced delivery, just-in-time delivery
  • Specific transportation: shuttling, delivery with electric vehicles
  • Transport management
  • Returns management

By calling on a partner like GEODIS, whose commitment to quality and security enables it to provide on-site services in compliance with industrial standards and your processes, you can:

  • stay focused on production
  • increase your flexibility
  • benefit from proven and adapted methods
  • optimize the management of your plant flows
  • profit from the exchange of best practices
  • improve performance



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