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GEODIS is pursuing a process started several years ago to have its sites certified for quality (ISO 9001), safety (OHSAS 18001) and environmental impact (ISO 14001).


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Definition: the sites referred to in these figures are warehouses, groupage centres or offices owned or leased by GEODIS at the end of the calendar year.


Graphic design: breakdown of Geodis sites by core business in 2013

Graphic design: Geodis sites certifications

At the end of 2016, 83% of GEODIS sites worldwide were certified as ISO 9001 compliant, 44.6% as ISO 14001 compliant, and 34% as OHSAS 18001 compliant.

  • Quality: ISO 9001 ;
  • Environment: ISO 14001 ;
  • Security: OHSAS 18001 ;

Graphic design: Geodis site certifications by core business in 2013

GEODIS has been engaged for a number of years in implementing its policy of securing quality (ISO 9001), safety (OHSAS 18001) and environmental (ISO 14001) certification of its sites in every Line of Business.

Other types of certification are also in place for specific areas of business and/or customers:

  • ISO TS 16949: the Automotive Quality Management Standard;
  • TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association): the international freight security standard;
  • SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment Series): the European benchmark standard for quality, safety, security and environmental performance by logistics services provided to the chemicals industry;
  • Certipharm: international quality standard for the healthcare sector;
  • AEO (Authorised Economic Operator): French customs formalities certification.


Graphic design: Quality, Safety & Environment (QSE) certifications by region in 2013

32.6% of sites held triple Quality, Safety & Environment (QSE) certification at the end of 2016


2017 CSR Reporting

2017 CSR Reporting

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