Professional integration, TREMPLIN program

GEODIS is committed to professional integration at various levels of professional life.

The objective of TREMPLIN is to promote a return to or a sustainable access to employment for people in difficulty or underprivileged (long-term unemployed, people from difficult neighborhoods). The main thrusts of this approach are:

  • Information
  • Training
  • Access to professional diplomas
  • Employability up to a contract of employment (CDI)

3 main programs

The discovery of the professional world

  • Reception of young people coming from the difficult neighborhoods for the internship of discovery of the working environment in class of 3ème

Learning a trade

  • Reception of young students from disadvantaged neighborhoods for work-study programs or long work placements (6 months)

Sustainable return to employment

  • Professional reintegration program for long-term unemployed or unemployed young people who are unemployed for wharf or cargo handling trades (training, CACES diploma, field placement, CDI) including preparation for hiring (interview, Held ...) and social assistance for private subjects to turn the page of exclusion from society. This program can be executed "individually" (1 to 5 persons) or collectively (promotion of 10 to 12 people)
  • Minimum quota of people in integration in our framework contracts


These programs are built in partnership with local integration actors. They illustrate the "solidarity" value of GEODIS and are part of the GEODIS Golden Rules (Being a responsible company, Recruiting, training and retaining talented employees).

Photo caption: Professional diplomas and CACES




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