Supply chain challenges in the Luxury Goods market

GEODIS offers operational excellence in transport and logistics for the Luxury Goods sector, working from its thorough familiarity with the many image-critical transport and logistics challenges facing businesses here.

Image of excellence: Guaranteed

Luxury Goods businesses demand irreproachable transport and logistics, consistent with the image of their products. Because brand reputation is on the line at every single delivery, all providers take on what is perceived as an ambassadorial function. GEODIS has broad experience in supply chain operations for Luxury Goods businesses and is extremely attentive to its customers' brand image. All services, from warehouse pick-up through to store distribution, are fully consistent with your values.

Irreproachable customer service

Service quality requirements are highly demanding in the Luxury Goods sector; as your products are high-value and delicate, you need trustworthy providers to ensure a safe quality delivery service. GEODIS meets stringent product security demands at every step in the distribution chain. And thanks to constant attention from GEODIS teams, coupled with efficient real time tracking systems, you get reliable information and optimum transport conditions.


Security is naturally a major concern in the Luxury Goods sector. Secure conditions are needed at every step in the distribution chain. The GEODIS platforms used for Luxury Goods meet all relevant specifications and implement all the equipment needed to ensure secure product handling: video surveillance, protective cages, access control for operators and drivers, certifications appropriate to each type of flow (TAPA A, B), etc. GEODIS also handles road transport and product distribution using secure trucks equipped to prevent theft (hatch operated from interior, special lock-up systems).

Network covering major supply and consumption zones

GEODIS operates platforms in city locations close to production sites (Roissy, Florence, Milan) and in high-growth cities such as Shanghai and Hong Kong, where the Luxury Goods sector is developing fast. The result is a worldwide logistics network that consistently implements appropriate processes.

Continuous supply policy

In-store availability of very high value products is a key factor in competitive performance and heavily dependent on supply chain quality. It calls for a high-density transport network and a high-quality air transport service featuring space agreements with the most highly reputed airline companies. GEODIS holds such agreements and can guarantee its Luxury Goods customers optimum service under tight delivery schedules.

A sustainable approach to your development

Consumers in the Luxury Goods sector are attentive to the way in which the products they buy are produced and transported, consistent with the brand image of the products themselves. To accommodate your customers' environmental concerns, GEODIS uses a wide variety of ecologically sound urban delivery methods, which make a major contribution to shrinking your environmental footprint.



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