Luxury Goods

Luxury Goods businesses face increasingly complex supply chain issues, arising from economic trends such as globalization and concentration. Expertise and worldwide coverage enable GEODIS to meet the most demanding needs of customers in this sector by providing full end-to-end logistics support. GEODIS solutions cover everything from air transport to store delivery and include services such as packaging and quality control, to ensure your products get the care and security you demand.

Supply chain challenges in the Luxury Goods market

Luxury - challenge GEODIS offers operational excellence in transport and logistics for the Luxury Goods sector, working from its thorough familiarity with the many image-critical transport and logistics challenges facing businesses here.

GEODIS solutions for the Luxury Goods market

Luxury - solution The Luxury Goods sector needs controlled logistics under rigorous quality and traceability conditions. GEODIS draws from extensive experience in the Luxury Goods sector to offer customers end-to-end supply chain support, implementing solutions and added-value services that are geared to operational excellence.

GEODIS value-added services for the Luxury Goods market

Luxury - value added As a long-standing partner of major Luxury Goods firms, GEODIS understands the issues at stake and designs its transport and logistics solutions accordingly to accommodate all your strategic challenges.

GEODIS showcase

Luxury - showcase Discover the GEODIS showcase for the luxury goods...



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