More information for you and your consignees

Use our proactive notifications to maintain comprehensive information with us and your consignees.

Info Réseau: Transport information

We inform you in case of traffic issue liable to affect delivery of your shipments.

  • You are informed on incidents such as strikes, special events, road accidents and public holidays liable to delay deliveries;
  • This information is available by email, via the smartphone widget and app, and on the home page of your e-space;
  • To receive this information by email, just enter your email address on the home page of your e-space.

Info Desti: Consignee information

Teleoperator at her desk

You can request your consignee to be informed about forthcoming delivery.

  • Enter the consignee's email or mobile phone number at the shipment preparation stage;
  • When the package leaves our branch, your consignee receives the notification and can track the shipment;
  • On reception of this notification, your consignee can also reschedule a delivery appointment if necessary.

Info Pro: Immediate information (with express domestic services only)

You are the first to be informed in case of delivery issue.

  • In case of delivery issue (absent consignee, missing document, etc.), we send you an email and/or text message within 30 minutes;
  • You can then contact us promptly so that we can apply the most adapted solution;
  • You can follow in real time the incident resolution process using the smartphone widget and application.

Info Direct

Info Direct

You are informed of delivery issue and can enter your instructions directly online.

  • In case of failed delivery attempt (absent consignee, missing document, etc.), we send you an email and/or text message;
  • You can then enter your instructions directly online so that we can finalize the delivery process (redelivery or return);
  • You can specify the frequency of the notifications received, and the recipients;
  • The interface is available permanently, so you can manage processing of delivery issue at your convenience.

Online invoice viewing

View copies of your invoices directly online, with secure access.

  • You set log-in data for secure personal access to your invoices;
  • Your invoices and credit notes are viewable in a secure environment the day following their issue;
  • You have direct access to your last ten invoices and you can view or download them in just one click. A search module is as well available for finding invoices by date, invoice number, service, dispatch number, etc.;
  • You have access to a 12-month invoice history.

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