More security for your shipments

Take advantage of our contractual commitments to secure your business.

Enhanced liability (with express service)


Because the security of your shipments is our absolute priority, our contractual liability is the highest on the market.

  • Our contractual liability on damaged goods is €33 per kg, with a maximum of 1000€/parcel;
  • This contractual liability applies to all domestic services.
  • For our NetExpress Europe service, contractual liability is the higher of these two figures:
    • €33 per kg, up to 1000€/parcel;
    • CMR conditions: 8.33 SDR per kg

Cash on delivery

You can request handover of your packages against payment of their price.

  • Specify the cash-on-delivery amount at the shipment preparation stage.
  • You can request price details to be notified on the consignee's delivery notification email, so that the consignee can prepare for payment.
  • The cash-on-delivery option is available as standard for all domestic services and on request for international shipments.
  • Our branches undertake to forward payment to the shipper the same evening for morning deliveries and the next morning for afternoon deliveries.

Ad valorem insurance

You can increase the insurance coverage of sensitive goods to their actual value.

  • Specify the value and nature of the goods to be insured at the preparation stage.
  • This additional insurance raises the ceiling on our liability in the event of proven damage.
  • This option is available at the amount of 1% of the declared value, for all our services.
  • The maximum value you can declare is €450,000 (for higher values, contact us).

Special Interest on delivery

You can take out additional insurance in the event of late delivery.

  • In the event of late delivery, the standard indemnity specified in our standard sales conditions is replaced by the amount you declare;
  • This option is available on request and is subject to prior validation by GEODIS;
  • The loss suffered as a result of late delivery must be proven;
  • Warning: this option cannot apply to the carriage of tender bids.

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