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November, 12 2018

GEODIS resets the fundamentals of the Supply Chain industry by investing in the digital marketplace Upply Continue Reading

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Distribution & Express: e-space

Access to our online shipments management & tracking solutions for Distribution & Express

> You are a GEODIS client
Access to e-space, your secure web portal, to optimize in real time the management of your expeditions, from their preparation to the proof of delivery:
  • save time in launching your removal requests in a few clicks
  • simplify the data entry of your sendings by saving your information recipients
  • enhance reliability of your expeditions by printing automatically labels and standardized shipment documents
  • anticipate in following one the routing of your expeditions (in real time in express)
  • validate the good delivery of your sendings, by reaching the receipt signed by your recipient and provided to you within 10min.

Access also duplicates of your invoices on line, and the details of your CO2 gas emissions.
Your e-space personal profile is activated from the opening of your account. For more information, please liaise with your usual contact.

You can also use your "e-space" directly on your smartphone: download our app "e-space Geodis", from Google Play or Apple Store.
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> You wait for a GEODIS delivery
Access your e-space to follow your sending and anticipate the delivery.
This portal also allows you to reschedule a new delivery in case of absence during the first visit of our driver.
If you are an individual, your e-space allows you to schedule your delivery appointment or choose to come to recover your sending in one of our relays stores.

Your online shipments tracking solutions for you and your clients