Our CSR approach

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach is based on the Golden Rule “Be a good citizen”, one of the 7 Golden Rules of the STS continuous improvement program. CSR is therefore one of the 7 guiding principles of GEODIS to achieve its Ambition 2018 company plan.

CSR, at the heart of our Business Excellence Program

GEODIS signed the UN Global Compact in 2003. The company is committed to making corporate social responsibility a key component of its corporate vision. Reflecting this, the CSR approach is managed at the highest echelons of the company.

Acting as a responsible employer

GEODIS' CSR strategy relating to its employees

Being the sustainable growth partner for client

GEODIS' CSR strategy relating to its customers

Involving suppliers and subcontractors in the CSR approach

GEODIS' CSR strategy relating to its suppliers and subcontractors.

Protecting the environment and engaging with society

GEODIS' CSR strategy relating to society.

Respect the ethics and compliance principles

GEODIS is a Company that places high demands on itself and on its stakeholders, and puts Ethics and Compliance at the heart of its strategy and among fundamental principles. It affirms strong accountability supporting its Mission, its Vision and its Values on a daily basis.



July, 10 2018

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Press releases

Press releases

July, 11 2018

EcoVadis once again commends GEODIS for the quality of its CSR activity Continue Reading

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