Our CSR approach

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach is based on the Golden Rule “Be a good citizen”, one of the 7 Golden Rules of the STS continuous improvement program. CSR is therefore one of the 7 guiding principles of GEODIS to achieve its Ambition 2018 company plan.

CSR, at the heart of our Business Excellence Program

GEODIS signed the UN Global Compact in 2003. The company is committed to making corporate social responsibility a key component of its corporate vision. Reflecting this, the CSR approach is managed at the highest echelons of the company. The policy relating to ethics, compliance and respect for standards, is an additional commitment made by the company to promote full stakeholder satisfaction.

Taking action as a responsible employer

Over 39,500 employees* spread over 67 countries share common values of commitment, passion, solidarity, trust and innovation – the cornerstones of Group strategy.

GEODIS: helping customers achieve responsible growth

GEODIS believes that Corporate Social Responsibility is a key driver of success in the mission it has set itself: to help its customers to succeed by overcoming logistical constraints.

Involving our suppliers and subcontractors in our CSR approach

GEODIS’ purchasing constitutes an essential source of leverage for improving the Group’s social and environmental footprint and attaining its CSR objectives.

Taking action for the environment and engaging with society

GEODIS realizes the impact its activities have on the environment and the scale of its potential to contribute to society. GEODIS is therefore implementing programs to meet the challenges of climate change, protecting the environment and promote the wellbeing of all our stakeholders and of society in its broader sense.



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Press releases

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