Outbound logistics

The outbound logistics from your production sites or warehouses is of crucial importance as it impacts your customers’ satisfaction. GEODIS supports you with a full range of services, including high value-added operations, that enable you to react rapidly to changes in the market and to make your logistics more reliable all the way to the final delivery point. You will optimize not only the management of your stocks, but also the distribution of your products, while better controlling your logistics costs.



You are a multi-channel retailer or a pure player and you are looking for a partner to support your e-commerce growth and optimize your customer experience. GEODIS knows how to tailor solutions for each of your sales channels, while achieving excellent service rates and enhancing your brand image.

Integrated B2B and B2C logistics

Regardless of your business sector and/or sales strategy, GEODIS can offer you services to efficiently manage each stage of your e-fulfillment operations:

  • Quality control of incoming goods
  • Inventory management, cross-docking, consolidation
  • Order picking adapted to the sales channel
  • Customization of e-commerce orders :
    • Special packaging, gift wrapping, removal of price labels, product wrapping in silk paper, repackaging…
  • Overpacking
  • Customs operations
  • Management of distribution networks :
    • Parcel, express, single package, specialized distribution, drop-off points, pick-up locations with locker
  • In-store delivery
  • White glove delivery
  • Home delivery with or without appointment :
    • Teams of two persons for special home delivery activities
  • Drop shipment
  • Order and payment services (in the Benelux)
  • Returns management, quality control, optimization
  • Call centre services to support special operations (in Italy)

By using GEODIS e-logistics services, you will significantly reduce your costs and grow your e-commerce business. You will also:

  • have a dedicated logistics and distribution contact person
  • benefit from scalable solutions adapted to each of your needs
  • be able to manage and control peaks in volume
  • continually improve your quality and productivity
  • have access to a multi-product, multi-channel and multi-country offer
  • profit from integrated return logistics

Distribution logistics

Outbound logistics

Outbound logistics comprises all the activities involved in supplying - within the delivery times desired by the client and/or the consumer - the references and quantities of finished products that have been ordered at the best possible price.
Outsourcing the outbound logistics for your production operations provides you with the flexibility necessary to keep pace with the changes in regulations, customer demand, commercial strategy, etc. in a constantly evolving market.
By calling on a partner like GEODIS, you benefit from our extensive expertise in the management of seasonal fluctuations, marketing campaigns, traceability, etc. to successfully market your products. In addition, the GEODIS teams – who show strong capacity for integration and adaptability to your environment - increase your responsiveness and flexibility. We also take sustainable development challenges into account through our transport organization, the recycling of packaging, the reduction of energy consumption and other such policies.

A complete range of services

Our expertise and services allow you to personalize or finalize your products outside of the production cycle, thereby keeping costs down and adding to your customers’ satisfaction.
  • Reception, quality control / compliance
  • Stock management
  • Administration of sales, with billing and collection
  • Peak management
  • Technical services: configuration, assembly, testing
  • Quality control: visual and tactile inspection, sorting, quality touch-up, parts counting
  • Order picking
  • Pooling
  • Value-added services: kitting, co-packing, late differentiation, labelling
  • Post-manufacturing
  • Special QA management: quarantines, recalls, destruction, etc.
  • Packing, packaging
  • E-fulfillment services
  • Cross-docking
  • Shipping and distribution
  • High value-added distribution
  • Multimodal transport
  • Customs operations
  • Transport management
  • Returns management and reverse logistics

In its continuous improvement program, GEODIS strives to optimize every stage and every process of your logistics operations to allow you to:

  • standardize your production
  • benefit from specific value-added services
  • personalize your products upon request
  • be more flexible and responsive
  • optimize your production costs
  • control finished product quality

Specialized distribution

Distribution spécialisée

Your image is a key factor in building loyalty. That means that you want the distribution of your most sensitive products to be flawless and you distinguish yourself from your competitors by offering customized service and support.
You expect your logistics provider to share this vision. You want its services to put your products in a positive light when they are installed at your clients’. Which also means your staff can devote all their time to their own jobs.
GEODIS’ technicians are specialists in technological equipment. They do their work strictly according to your instructions and objectives and within the agreed upon timeframe. Our network – local, capillary and dense – ensures optimal profitability for your operations.
Our objective is clear: support your growth at the same pace as your market.

High value-added range of services

Customized and adaptable services to meet each of your needs, from pre-assembly to delivery, configuration, commissioning, start-up, training and removal of packaging and old equipment for recycling.

A solid grasp of the specific features of your business sectors

GEODIS can offer solutions geared to your industry:

  • Reprographics
  • Telecommunications
  • Automated distribution
  • Industrial equipment
  • Banks and safes
  • Healthcare and cosmetics
  • Real estate
  • E-commerce
  • Retail chains
  • Cold food / Dried food

You benefit from GEODIS’ exceptional capabilities in planning the secure deployment of your sensitive products and managing their end of life to generate revenues:

  • Extensive coverage of France, with facilities in all major regions of consumption and in close proximity to your final customers
  • Interconnection of 21 agencies, including those in Belgium, through our national hub at Mitry, France and an adjustable daily transport plan
  • Rail-road connections to the far South of France
  • 400 vehicles displaying the GEODIS livery, with tailgates and stowage bars
  • 20 truck lines daily
  • ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 certifications





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