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Making it easier for you to outsource your logistics processes, GEODIS brings you a wide range of services for transporting container or bulk freight by road: cross-docking, storage, stock management, on-site logistics, order-picking, pre- and post-manufacturing operations, reception, quality control, customs, pulled-flow management and delivery, outsourcing of your container base, and more. Discover our range of services.

Transport operation steering and transport plan design lien

GEODIS supports you in the strategic, tactical and operational management of your transport flows through its lines of business experts and efficient transport resources.

Cross-docking: cut your costs and consolidate flows lien

Cross-docking groups supply flows and delivery flows on the same platform. Particularly well suited to companies with many suppliers, this process lets you consolidate freight by consignee and thus optimize supplies.

On site logistics lien

Fully integrated with your production and supply chain departments, GEODIS manages your transport requirements along with all your physical and IT flows inside your industrial sites logistics tasks (Material supplies, Stock management, Transfer of production), manufacturing-related tasks, (Control, packing / protection, sampling, packaging) and additional services (customs operations, on-site reception, waste management).

Hazardous materials transport lien

Recognized by chemical and gas firms for their expertise in security, GEODIS staff ship 3 335 000 tones of liquid and gas products across Europe every year.

Onboard IT systems lien

As part of its development, GEODIS has equipped its fleet of vehicles with onboard IT systems enabling customers to track their dedicated vehicles and access information on their rounds. They can also access their specific loading and delivery data. Our proactive information systems department and team of experts have raised this service to high standards.

TMS lien

A proprietary Transport Management System (TMS) delivering either standard functions for fast implementation or specific / dedicated functions as part of a project with the customer.



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