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Logistique amont et in situ

Warehousing and distribution lien

GEODIS offers flexible, adaptable storage and property solutions to meet all your needs, whatever your situation and type of goods. You can opt for dedicated platforms or benefit from the advantages related to shared surfaces, resources and equipment. You thus better control your logistics costs.

Inbound and on-site logistics lien

You wish to optimize your supply flows. GEODIS can assist you in doing that by establishing us directly next to your sites or in situ, a solution that may also involve taking on some of your personnel. Our flexible and evolving services give you a clear vision of your inbound flows. Your components and raw materials are checked for compliance and your operations are made more reliable, thus ensuring high production capacities and optimizing your stocks and delivery times. In addition, our agile and rigorous teams continually strive to improve the quality of our services so as to boost your competitiveness.

Outbound logistics lien

The outbound logistics from your production sites or warehouses is of crucial importance as it impacts your customers’ satisfaction. GEODIS supports you with a full range of services, including high value-added operations, that enable you to react rapidly to changes in the market and to make your logistics more reliable all the way to the final delivery point. You will optimize not only the management of your stocks, but also the distribution of your products, while better controlling your logistics costs.

After-sales and returns logistics lien

Reverse logistics is a matter of considerable strategic importance when we consider that the costs entailed by return flows can make a significant dent in your profits, sometimes to the point of making an initial transaction unprofitable. With its expert know-how in repairing and remarketing mid-life products, and in dismantling and recycling end-of-life products, GEODIS can help you optimize your return flows and reduce your costs.



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