Stronger commitment in your sustainable development policy

Benefit from our CO² tools to improve your sustainable development policy.

Summary CO2eq* data

Stronger commitment
Access overall CO2eq emissions related to your shipments, directly on your e-space portal.

  • Information on CO2eq emissions relating to your shipments of the previous month is available directly on the opening page of your e-space portal;
  • By clicking on "More details", you can get the breakdown per activity, on a two-month history:
    • Distribution & Express
    • Freight (including courier service) 
    • Overseas (air, sea, Fly Express)
    • Specialized distribution

Detailed CO2eq* data

Promote your environmental policy with a more comprehensive optional service.
  • With this option, using the “Track my shipments” function, You can access CO2eq emission figures for each shipment, and you can export this data in *.xls format;
  • You obtain pre-formatted monthly, quarterly and yearly CO2 reports, giving access to analysis:
    • by activity and service
    • by country and region
    • by account
    • by period

* CO2eq: equivalent CO2. Includes all greenhouse gases, not only CO2

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