Supply chain challenges

Healthcare companies require a reliable partner to get their time-sensitive products to the right place with the utmost compliance as well as state-of-the-art quality and traceability conditions. GEODIS is committed to the strict regulatory compliance required in healthcare supply chains while serving as a flexible logistics provider for many of the leading healthcare providers.

New distribution models

Manufacturers are facing an increased competition from “enablers”: today, on-line platforms are already delivering direct-to-patient. The current distribution model will shift from patient-model to consumer-model, the new customer of Healthcare companies increasingly being the patient and not the wholesaler, physician or pharmacist as it is today. The healthcare supply chain needs to flex with those changes.  GEODIS‘ campus environments, for instance, allow clients to add or remove space and flex labor, proactively staying with the cost curve rather than getting hit with it; additionally we can help manage through acquisitions or divestures. 

Increased globalization

As for generic drugs, factories will have to be more and more competitive by producing higher volumes while for orphan drugs, increasing products complexity will lead to low volumes and high value. Factories will become more and more specialized, serving a wider market whereas increasing their international distribution.
It takes a provider that knows the business, understands the perspective of uninterrupted supply, and ensures every employee cares about their role in the supply chain.  GEODIS has decades of experience in healthcare logistics, ranging from pharmaceuticals to medical devices to nutraceuticals and health & beauty items.

Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare companies operate in an increasingly complex and ever changing regulatory environment.  GEODIS offers the regulatory compliance expertise and knowledge to free up resources for your company so that you can focus on delivering the best patient care.

Inventory Management

Healthcare products require exceptional inventory control with significant nuances.  Items with serial numbers need tracking from receipt to customer, efficiency in storage and recalls executed flawlessly.  Forward deployed consignment or field inventory needs accurate inventory management and flexibility in location.  GEODIS’s systems and processes are designed to deliver this visibility, control, compliance to regulations, and comprehensive inventory management of healthcare products throughout the supply chain.



October, 12 2018

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