Supply management

As a major player in global logistics, GEODIS has the experience to select and challenge the providers best adapted to your needs. This saves you valuable time and ensures you purchase the right capabilities at the right price. GEODIS also supports you in managing the complexity driven by trade compliance regulations and complex project coordination.

The Request-For-Quotation (RFQ) process

Operational and financial specifications, selection of suitable providers to be consulted, preparation of scenarios, analysis of bids, rate negotiation, contract set-up on your behalf, etc.

Supplier Performance Management

We implement a full management system on your behalf to monitor your suppliers’ performance and stimulate continuous improvement.

Procurement Intelligence

Procurement Knowledge of major trends and local specificities are key elements to maximize the efficiency of your supply chain. This is especially true in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment.

Trade compliance

Offre globale Increase of international flows is putting your supply chains in connection with many different parties, located in various countries and trade zones.

Complex project management

Geodis governance A major change in a supply chain is often seen as a risk, potentially blocking your transition to a more efficient solution.

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Press releases

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October, 12 2018

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