A proprietary Transport Management System (TMS) delivering either standard functions for fast implementation or specific / dedicated functions as part of a project with the customer:

Road transport Value added services

  • Public transport;
  • Recurring activities;
  • Distribution;
  • Transport operations management;
  • Delivery tracking;
  • Customer and sub-contractor invoicing;
  • Onboard IT systems: a recognized market solution integrated with our  TMS;
  • Multilingual tool;
  • Advanced technology, robust, with an online interface.
This TMS is hosted by a high-availability system:
  • In two secure data centers, on our premises, under the responsibility of our own teams;
  • With redundancy of network and server equipment;
  • By a production team working 24/7.

More specifically, our IT flow management system comprises a generic offer completed by customized bricks tailored to your needs. This continuously upgraded IT tool includes new functions such as feedback of information through the smartphones of shippers, a resource exchange, or tools for optimization, reloading or the continuous presentation of productivity gains.

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