Vertical markets

To help you overcome the challenges which are specific to your industry sector, GEODIS designs, builds, operates and advises on transport and logistics solutions tailored to these challenges and the individual demands of your business. With operations in over 120 countries, GEODIS offers a pool of talent expert in a wide range of vertical markets. GEODIS can put this expertise at work for you, assisting you with bespoke added-value solutions and services to optimize your information and physical material flows at all stages of your supply chain.


Retail Retail businesses often face daunting transport and logistics challenges, with pressure from demand for in-store product availability, management of seasonal peaks, diversification in distribution formats and so forth. As a key partner to retail enterprises, GEODIS offers full, customized solutions closely adjusted to retail operators' needs, to enhance their performance and optimize their supply-chain costs.

Fashion & Lifestyle

Mode Fashion & Lifestyle Fashion and lifestyle vendors need a transport and logistics partner that is reliable and extremely flexible and offers worldwide coverage. GEODIS helps you optimize your supply chain and thereby boost your competitive performance. Our teams are thoroughly familiar with your constraints (international multi-sourcing, volumes, seasonality, short cycles, etc.) and can, therefore arrange integrated, tailored solutions to meet your precise needs.

Luxury Goods

luxury goods Luxury Goods businesses face increasingly complex supply chain issues, arising from economic trends such as globalization and concentration. Expertise and worldwide coverage enable GEODIS to meet the most demanding needs of customers in this sector by providing full end-to-end logistics support. GEODIS solutions cover everything from air transport to store delivery and include services such as packaging and quality control, to ensure your products get the care and security you demand.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

FMCG - solution The FMCG sector is known for high-frequency purchasing, large volumes and constant change. Having a flexible logistics chain is essential. GEODIS offers bespoke added-value solutions and services and can work with you to help streamline your operations.


Healthcare For Healthcare logistics, there is no room for error. A patient is in need of your shipment, so it needs to be timely and accurate, yet cost effective. Compliance and quality are crucial, yet regulations are continually changing and vary across each country. It takes a provider with experience. GEODIS is one of the largest healthcare logistics providers in the world, with infrastructure for temperature-managed warehousing and transport of sensitive products, with over 6M square meters of space and 350 distribution locations around the world, part of them with approved local registrations and certifications.


manufacturing The Industrial environment encounters diverse logistics challenges, including security, agility and strong technical requirements. GEODIS, a well-established partner to industrial companies, designs and executes end-to-end logistics solutions, tailored to your specific needs. Using dedicated human and material resources, our Group makes your supply chain a true competitive advantage across the globe.


Automotive With its expanding distribution networks, complex supply chains and intense competition, the Automotive sector is one of the most challenging in today’s global economy. In addition, your business needs to combine productivity with sustainability. There is a continuous need to increase efficiency, while also reducing your carbon footprint. To help you achieve those objectives in terms of transport and logistics, GEODIS has a comprehensive set of solutions and core services.


high tech The High-Tech sector is still expanding as new products and services reach the market. Over the next five years, around 60% of this growth will be driven by mobile computing, with shipments of smartphones and tablets continuing to rise on a global basis. GEODIS has developed a range of value-added services and solutions to meet the specific logistics needs of the High-Tech industry.

Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and Defense Decreased turnaround times (TAT’s) and reduced lead-times mean that you cannot afford to wait around for parts. GEODIS understands that the drivers behind exciting opportunities in the Aerospace & Defense industries can also create challenges that must be dealt with seamlessly. The Group provides solutions that meet the specific challenges our customer faces, reduce costs by optimizing the supply chain and ensure that your focus remains on your business growth.



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